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Author Bri Finley

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Unplanned Legacies
The Legacies Series - Book 1
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Maise Blake is tired of letting her parents rule her life. Fortunately, at 18 years old, she’s off to college, ready to begin making her own choices. With her heart full of hope, she gets on a private plane that will take her across the country to her new life. However, instead of landing in sunny California, she arrives in Rhode Island. Faced with the choice of walking away with nothing but the clothes on her back or attending the school her parents have chosen for her, she decides to stay. She also decides to do everything in her power to become financially independent by the time she graduates. With four roommates in an equally bleak situation, the girls band together to forge new lives. Soon, within the small boutique college their parents have chosen for them they discover an unexpected opportunity. Will they be able to use it to move their plans forward, or will it serve to create more roadblocks in their path? When Maise has to balance classes, college life, love, friendships, a creep who won’t take no for an answer, and a budding new career, she realizes she might be in over her head. And, it’s only the first semester!

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Unrestrained Legacies
The Legacies Series - Book 2

Reeling after her first term as a legacy student at Blackstone College, Maise Blake knows something has got to give. With the support of her friends, the legacy girls put their heads together and come up with a new game plan for their second semester. Their goal is simple: live unrestrained lives as normal college students. It’s a good plan in theory, but Maise quickly encounters significant roadblocks when the girls try to implement their new ideas. Beyond classes and coursework, Maise’s focus is split between physical and mental healing, two interested suitors, and a new bully. Will old and new friends, budding romance, and a fresh outlook give Maise the confidence she needs to live life on her terms, or will old challenges get in the way? Buckle up; it’s second semester at Blackstone College!

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Unveiled Legacies
The Legacies Series - Book 3

After a rough freshman year and a disastrous summer internship, Nora Gilbert is left questioning who she really is inside the wall of bluntness, disorganization, and brash humor she built to survive her childhood. Deciding to start from square one her sophomore year, she dives headfirst into a journey of healing and self-discovery. In the process, as her tiny Blackstone College world begins to expand, she encounters both resistance and support from unexpected places. 


In the end, will Nora succeed in throwing off the veil of her past to finally stand confidently in the spotlight?

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Unrivaled Legacies
The Legacies Series - Book 4

College sophomore Nora Gilbert has been on a mission to find herself. After receiving some wise advice at the end of last term, Nora is determined to start the new semester by putting the past behind her and continuing in her newfound love of acting. As spring term begins, Nora realizes moving forward is a lot easier said than done. Faced with unexpected twists and turns, will Nora have the courage to continue forging her own path? Find out how Nora’s story concludes in the exciting fourth installment of The Legacies Series.


Unrivaled Legacies is the fourth book in The Legacies Series, which follows friends Nora, Maise, Olivia, Celia, and Evangeline as they navigate life and love during their college journey.

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The Rainy Day Revenge Club

Historic and affluent Maplewood Court is the most prestigious street in the posh Blackstone neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island. When four young families find properties in the distinguished cul-de-sac, they feel as though they’ve won the housing and friendship lottery. The five older, established, retired-aged families who also live there feel quite differently about their quiet street being invaded. The older spouses do everything in their power to make life unbearable, and their young counterparts make it their mission to fit in. One rainy day after two rough years, the young spouses reach their limit and decide to do something about it. 


Their decision to fight back ignites an intergenerational petty revenge war on Maplewood Court. When a mysterious group calling themselves The Four Horsemen joins the fray, things quickly get out of hand. Can the spouses mend fences long enough to expose a bigger threat, or will their ongoing feud cause life to continue being miserable for all the residents of Maplewood Court?


The Rainy Day Revenge Club is a standalone friendship-comedy novel.

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